Mandalay Travel Club -- Now in our 12th Year
                    Question and Answer Sheet

Who can join the Mandalay Travel Club?

You must own a Mandalay, Presidio or Valencia Class A diesel motorhome, manufactured by Mandalay
Luxury Division to be eligible for membership.

Do you need to be a member of the Family Motor Coaching Association (FMCA) to join the
Mandalay Travel Club?

Yes. You need to be an FMCA member in good standing.

How do I join the Mandalay Travel Club?

Click  HERE  for a printable registration form.

What is the annual membership fee?

The fee for the Mandalay Travel Club is $5.00 a year or $15.00 for three years. Membership fees are due
on January 1st of each year.

Do I need to be a Mandalay Travel Club member to attend the rallies?

Yes. The Mandalay Travel Club rallies are organized for the benefit of the club members.
How do Mandalay Travel Club mini-rally, spring rally and international rally differ from other club rallies?
The spring and international rallies are organized and sponsored by the Thor Diesel Club. Other club
rallies are organized by the Mandalay Travel Club and their rally masters.

How many rallies will the Mandalay Travel Club hold each year?

Currently, we plan a spring rally and have a fall rally either prior to or after the Thor International rally in
Goshen, IN. We also work with rally masters to support and plan mini-rallies. We try to have mini-rallies in
each of the three regions; East, Central, and West.

How can I help at the rallies?

When you arrive at each rally and register, you will find volunteer sheets. You will be able to sign up to
volunteer on a specific team for that rally.

Are pets welcome at the rallies?

Yes. Pets are welcome at all rallies, but are not allowed inside of buildings, except for dogs trained to
assist hearing, seeing, or physically impaired persons. They must be leashed at all times when in public
areas, and owners will be responsible to pick up all pet droppings.