Mini Rallies
Mandalay Travel Club -- Now in our 11th Year

    Suggestions for Hosting a Mini Rally

Background: Mini Rallies are formed by a group of Mandalay Product owners that are
getting together in an informal gathering to have fun and camaraderie. It is a great way to
see old friends and meet new ones.

Organization: The organizing of the mini rally is the sole responsibility of the Mandalay
owners. The size of the rally can be from 2 coaches to a large number of coaches but for
the rally to be sponsored by the Mandalay Travel Club (MTC) it must have a minimum of
10 coaches. All of whom are members of the travel club or are willing to join during the
rally. There are policies and club rules that must be followed if sponsorship from the club
or Mandalay is desired. In addition to the policy there are forms that must be submitted to
the clubs’ treasurer for financial aid. The rally master decides on when, where, types of
meals and any activities.

Promotion: Promotion of the mini rally can come from a couple of different methods.
Contact the MTC President to have the dates placed on the MTC website and also you
can post the information on the Mandalay Forum along with placing a notice in the File
section of that forum. Plus the internet has various RV sites with areas for information
about upcoming club rallies.

If you are interested in becoming a Mini Rally rally master please contact the club
president or vice-president to have a "Forms and Rules" packet sent to you before
proceeding with your plans. Click on "Contactus" for their contact info.