Chapter's Standing Rules
Mandalay Travel Club -- Now in our 12th Year

                                             Standing Rules  
                                       Mandalay Travel Club
1.    Membership. (amended 9/13) Only owners or prior owners of Mandalay, Presidio and
Valencia diesel motorhomes may be members of this Chapter.  Active membership in
good standing in FMCA is required.  FMCA National dues must be current to be eligible
for membership in the MTC Chapter.  Prior owners must currently own a diesel

Classes of Membership. There will be active members & honorary  members.

 Membership Limits. There will be no limit on the number of members in the Club.

Guests.  A member in good standing may invite a guest to any club function
providing there is space available.  A former member may attend as a guest of the Club
on special occasions.  Reference the MTC policy memos for guest, day pass, and
visitor pass procedures.

 No member may attend a Club function in another type of recreational vehicle,  i.
e. fifth wheel trailer, travel trailer, and so forth.

Club emblems.  Club name badges shall be as proscribed by the Board of
Directors.  Each member shall have a badge and wear it on all occasions when the club
is meeting or rallying.  Window or coach emblems may also be proscribed by the Board
of Directors.

 Smoking.  Smoking is not permitted at Club functions, i.e. meals, meetings, and
social functions.

Pets.  Pets are to be leashed at all times when in public.  Owners must pick up pet
droppings.  Pets are not permitted at public meals, meetings, or social functions.  
(Exception: dogs trained to assist hearing, seeing or physically impaired persons).

 Cell Phones. Cell phones shall be turned off or muted during any public meal,
meeting, or social function.  Calls, if received, must be taken away from the public

Generators.  Generators, if run, may not be operated between 11:00 PM and 7:00
AM except by special permission of the Board of Directors, and then only if the user is
well removed from nearby members.

 Dues.  Dues will be $ 5.00 per year or $15.00 for three years.  Dues are due and
payable on January 1st when due.

 Individuals whose memberships have lapsed may be reinstated by paying the
current dues.

 Initiation fees. Eliminated

Rallies. Rallies will be organized by MTC members and need to be sanctioned by
the Board of Directors

Meetings. There will be one business meeting per year.  The meeting times will be
determined by the President or the Board Member that is next in charge.

Powers of the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors may authorize the
President, Board Member(s) or others to enter into contracts or binding instruments in
the name of the Chapter.  Such authority may be general or for a specific purpose.  
Unless so authorized, no individual or group has the power or authority to bind the Club
or render it liable monetarily for any purpose.

 Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may meet in person, by telephone, or
electronically.  Actions taken during such meetings are binding.

 Nominating Committee. The nominating person/committee will be elected every
year not less than 90 days prior to the election of officers. The person/committee will
seek out candidates for the election, as needed, for the Offices of President, Vice
President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two At-Large-Director positions. The committee
will make it’s report to the board in the weeks proceeding the election.  The elections
will be held at the annual meeting during the fall rally and those individuals receiving the
highest number of votes for each position will be declared elected and will take office

 Past President.  The immediate past president is an ex-officer and will be a
member of the Board of Directors, but without voting authority.

 Appointed Board Positions.  Rally Master, Co-Rally Master, Newsletter Editor,
Historian, Membership Chairmen, Regional Mini Rally Chairmen (3), and committees as
needed are appointees of the President.

 Charter Members.  The owner of any qualifying diesel motor home built by the
Mandalay Luxury Coach Division who joins this Chapter prior to January 1, 2005 is
considered a Charter Member of the Club, with all privileges associated thereto.