The following was copied from a issue of  the CAT owners club
newsletter. It was the result of a roundtable discussion of ladies at
one of their rallies.
How to eliminate a smelly tank
Every time you dump the black tank, after closing the
valves, add 2 capfuls of liquid Rid-X, ½ cup baking
soda and a few gallons of water
How to clean a holding tank
To thoroughly clean tanks, annually, add 1 cup low
sudsing liquid dishwasher soap,1/2 cup baking soda &
½ tank of water. Drive and dump
Removing calcification in the toilet bowel
Add white vinegar and warm water. Allow to sit for an
hour. Rinse
How to clean a microwave
Add a few drops of Dawn to a cup of water. Microwave
2 minutes to produce steam. Wipe clean
Keeping items on shelves from spilling while driving
Use expansion rods in cabinets and fridge
What is the best method for drying a shower
Wipe down with a microfiber towel—better than a
Best way to clean mirrors & windows
Use a barely wet streak-free microfiber cloth. Better
than a squeegee.
How to keep from tracking in dirt and mud
Put a towel down the entry steps and secure with an
expansion rod on each step
A “natural” bug repellant for those sensitive to “Deet”
Listerine diluted 50/50 with water. Use an atomizer to
How to keep mice out of your coach
Apply pure peppermint oil to cotton balls and spread
around the coach & in the basement
How to ants out of your coach
Sprinkle Comet around (not directly on) the tires,
jacks, elect. Cords and hoses
Most effective way to dry in a combo washer/dryer
Remove clothes after wash cycle. Shake. Return to
W/D and dry. Add tennis balls to tumble clothes
How to dry sheets and Levis
Sheets-remove after wash cycle. Fold. Return to dry
Levis- roll jeans & do a minimum of 4 pairs
Getting excess soap out of laundry
Add ¼ cup white vinegar to the wash cycle
To keep diesel smell from hands while fueling
Use single use surgical gloves
How to exit coach in case of emergency
Place a pillow over exit window still, exit on your
tummy, feet first.
How to exit coach in case of emergency
Place a pillow over exit window still, exit on your
tummy, feet first.
Credit Card safety tips
Give your credit card company your cell phone
number so they contact you in case of suspicious
Report your card as “lost” & get a new number every
Always carry two credit cards so that you have one &
your partner has the other
Never carry your husband’s wallet in your purse